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Soubhagya Agencies

Stockist & Distributor

Soubhagya Agencies is one of the most promising wholesale supply chain leaders in South Kerala. Our major warehouse is located at Manarcad, near Kottayam in Kerala. We also have four other warehouses located in Kottayam, Pathanamthitta and Idukki districts.
We strongly believe in quality, quantity and expeditious delivery of goods.


To distribute the best products at the best price, with outstanding customer service and satisfaction.


↦   To be a retail food distribution leader in Kerala

↦   We strive to be the industry standard in service to customers

↦   To market and deliver great products to our customers around the clock

↦   To provide 24 x 7 Customer support

↦   To extend the distribution network over Kerala

↦   To reduce the human error in retail with technology

Brands we trade

Currently, we are handling the supply chain process of:

⚛   Milma

⚛   Idayam

⚛   McCain

⚛   Kopiko

⚛   Apis India

⚛   Mr.Butler

⚛   Venkies

⚛   Weikfield

⚛   Parrys

⚛   Swarnam

⚛   Kera

⚛   Gold Winner

⚛   Soda & Mineral water

More about us

We are also the super stockist of Mr. Butler, Moksha, and Himalaya. Our supply chain systems are regularly contacting the retailers across South and Middle Kerala and ensuring the availability of goods. Our Sales head is taking care of end-to-end operations of Soubhagya Agencies with an enterprise attitude. Soubhagya Agencies is now widely delivering products in Kollam, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta, and Idukki districts with the power of 4 massive warehouses and a dedicated network of employees.

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